Nature tourism Curug Gendang

Kamis, 07 Juli 2011

Curug Gendang located in the District Carita Pandeglang, Banten, Indonesia. Waterfall Curug Gendang has a 7 meter high 10 meter wide with a depth of 13 meters and located at an altitude of 170 meters above sea level. 

Curug is a Sundanese language means waterfall while Gendang is a traditional musical instrument is played with bare hands like a drum on which the modern musical instrument played with a stick (baton). Curug Gendang  waterfall originally named Citajur, because his voice is like a traditional musical instrument gendang then the drum waterfall surrounding communities call. 

To reach the first waterfall we have to drum up on the highway Carita which can be reached from two lanes of the town of Serang, Banten. The first way you can use the path continues towards Labuan Pandeglang and down the highway Anyer. Path second way you can use path-cilegon- Anyer-Carita. From Highway Carita with a distance of approximately 2 kilometers to get to theCurug Gendang, it takes about 30 minutes drive. But then the vehicle must be abandoned in the parking area and visitors at a forest police checkpoint (rangers) and then continued on foot. Be careful, rocky path taken too slippery, because the humidity of lowland forest that is always wet roads. 
About one kilometer journey winding, uphill and down to the location will be its own browsing experience because all the way visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery unfold. Various kinds of plants that grow wild, like a durian tree and bring forth the natural cool atmosphere. Chirping sounds of birds are also a variety of animals such as monkeys that roam also gives the impression of beauty drum waterfall locations. 

Not only that, the path between the mountain ridges in a ridge to the waterfall also provide views of the ocean spreading, green trees in the foothills of Mount Krakatau even looks distant. Scenery worth immortalized. After a tiring walk you can swim in crystal clear water that flows down from a height of 7 meters.

Equator Monument

Sabtu, 04 Juni 2011

Middle of the world monument (mitad del mundo monument) 
Among all countries in the world, only twelve straddle the Equator. While Among the countless cities Within those twelve countries, only one sits right on this invisible line That separates the earth's southern from the northern hemisphere. Pontianak, capital of the province of West Kalimantan - formerly known as West Borneo - has the distinction of being the only city in the world That sits right on the Equator, a fact That needs no international agreement nor approval. This is the very reason why the Equatorial monument was built here, although Pontiac's founder, Abdurahman Sharif Alkadrie was not in the slightest aware of this fact.

Chronological development of the Equator Monument

Base on the records obtained in 1941, from V.en. V by Opsiter Wiese in the quotation from BIJDRAGENTOT DE GEOGRAPHE from Chep Van Den Topographeschen dien in Nederlandsch Indie: Den 31 Sten Maart 1928 had come to Pontianak, an International Expedition led by Dutch Geographie experts to determine the point / milestone equator line in the city of Pontianak with the construction as follows:
1.      The first monument built in 1928 in the form of pillars and arrow.
2.      In 1930 an enhanced, pillar-shaped with a circle and arrows.
3.      In 1938 the original monument was rebuilt with improvements by Opsiter / Architech Silaban with sizes as follows:
- Building the monument consists of 4 (four) pieces of landmark purchase, each 0.30 m, with the height of the front pillar 2 (two) pieces as high as 3.05 m from ground and milestones the back where a circle and arrow guidance direction as high as 4.40 m.
4.      In 1990, Equator Monument was renovated with the manufacture and duplicate Monument Equatorial dome with size 5 (five) times larger than the original monument are as follows:
  • 2 pieces of the front pillar to the size of 1.5 m with a height of 15.25 m from ground level.
  • 2 pieces milestone rear with size 1.5 m with a height of 22 m from the ground surface length of the arrow directions 10.75 m.
The original form of the Equator Monument (Inner) Paper plate under the arrows are listed 109'20'00 'OLVGR show exactly where the establishment of the Equator Monument located in east longitude. Inauguration duplicate Equatorial Monument and the dome on September 21, 1991 by PARJOKO SURYOKUSUMO Governor of West Kalimantan.

5.      For more details, construction and building of the original Equator Monument can be seen on the inside of the dome.
At noon of each year on March 21-23 and September 23, the other upright objects located near the Equator Monument no shadow (no shadow). This shows that Equator Monument located right at Zero degrees latitude. (Source: Gallery at the Equator Monument)

rafting citarik

Senin, 02 Mei 2011

Sukabumi has many rivers, of which there are several rivers that have been very popular with rafting activities, such as Citarik River located approximately 30 km from the city of Sukabumi, this river has the best rapids groove and has a winding path down from the mountain Mist until kepesawahan with beautiful forest views from the left-right. Other rivers are also commonly used for Rafting the river and river Cicatih Cimandiri.

Citarik River is one river which empties into the beach pier. To get there from Bandung, the journey is divided into three stages. The first stage is from Bandung via Cianjur towards Sukabumi. Travel as far as 80 kilometers was taken through the current national highway within approximately two and a half hours. A little jam in Padalarang. As for the trip from Jakarta could be through bogor - sukabumi Ciawi and continue heading up to the T-junction which is called "Peteuy"

In the last 30 years, whitewater rafting has gained massive popularity. People tend to go in groups for a family gathering, friends reuniting and even corporate team buildingexercises. Whitewater rafting is massively fun and an undisputed adrenaline rush.  Rafting is on of our main / favorite product at SELARAS Adventure Land.  People usually go there because they want to play rafting.  Almost 80% of our clients are corporate and they repeat to play adventure rafting.  Here we have tree spot of the rafting trip based on a distance :

  SCREAM U (1,5 hours-5 Km)
RockLand-Tangkolo or Parakantelu- Kiara Land
   BIG SPLASH (2 hours-9 Km)
RockLand – Batununggul or Parakantelu - Tangkolo
   WILD WILD WET (3 Hours-12 Km)


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