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Kamis, 07 Juli 2011

Curug Gendang located in the District Carita Pandeglang, Banten, Indonesia. Waterfall Curug Gendang has a 7 meter high 10 meter wide with a depth of 13 meters and located at an altitude of 170 meters above sea level. 

Curug is a Sundanese language means waterfall while Gendang is a traditional musical instrument is played with bare hands like a drum on which the modern musical instrument played with a stick (baton). Curug Gendang  waterfall originally named Citajur, because his voice is like a traditional musical instrument gendang then the drum waterfall surrounding communities call. 

To reach the first waterfall we have to drum up on the highway Carita which can be reached from two lanes of the town of Serang, Banten. The first way you can use the path continues towards Labuan Pandeglang and down the highway Anyer. Path second way you can use path-cilegon- Anyer-Carita. From Highway Carita with a distance of approximately 2 kilometers to get to theCurug Gendang, it takes about 30 minutes drive. But then the vehicle must be abandoned in the parking area and visitors at a forest police checkpoint (rangers) and then continued on foot. Be careful, rocky path taken too slippery, because the humidity of lowland forest that is always wet roads. 
About one kilometer journey winding, uphill and down to the location will be its own browsing experience because all the way visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery unfold. Various kinds of plants that grow wild, like a durian tree and bring forth the natural cool atmosphere. Chirping sounds of birds are also a variety of animals such as monkeys that roam also gives the impression of beauty drum waterfall locations. 

Not only that, the path between the mountain ridges in a ridge to the waterfall also provide views of the ocean spreading, green trees in the foothills of Mount Krakatau even looks distant. Scenery worth immortalized. After a tiring walk you can swim in crystal clear water that flows down from a height of 7 meters.

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