South Korean Star Ku Ja Cheol's Move To Blackburn Rovers

Selasa, 26 Januari 2010

The proposed move of South Korea international Ku Ja Cheol to Blackburn Rovers has been put on the backburner according to reports in Seoul.

Throughout January, the English Premier League club have been linked with the highly-rated 20 year-old but any move will not happen in this transfer window.

“Negotiations with Blackburn have ended,” a source close to the player told Sports Seoul newspaper.

“The club was very positive about Ku but wanted to see more of him before making an offer.”

The Jeju United midfielder has spent most of the month in South Africa and Spain in a three-week training camp with South Korea. He returned home on Monday.

The report claims that after the Finland game on January 18, Ku was supposed to head to Blackburn for a trial but the weather made it difficult. Instead the club sent a scout to see him in that game and against Latvia.

“The scout wanted to see more of the player and after the Latvia match, the club wanted him to go to Blackburn to see him in action,” said the source and added, “But with the East Asian Championships starting soon, our position was that there wasn’t time… so we refused the offer."

Sports Seoul claims that Blackburn are still interested in the player and will send a scout to Tokyo to watch him play in the East Asian championships next week for South Korea against Japan, China and Hong Kong and will also watch him in action in the K-League.

“Ku is a little frustrated but hopes that there will be a better outcome in the future,' said the source. "At the moment, he is just focusing on the World Cup.

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