It will take at least £30m to buy club : Portsmouth administrator

Rabu, 03 Maret 2010

Portsmouth administrator Andrew Androuikou has named a price for any potential buyers of the struggling Premier League club according to BBC Sport.

"I think buyers will need in excess of £30m to buy the club," said Andronikou.
He continued: "It's a good opportunity to buy a club with a great history and I really want to focus on finding the right buyer.

"The Premier League have offered their hand and I'm very comfortable that the club will be starting next season."

Andronikou will be present when the Premier League chairmen convene on Thursday to decide whether the clubs would permit Portsmouth to sell players and then take them back on loan for the rest of the term.

This would help Pompey avoid fielding a decidedly weaker team for the rest of the season, which might give the clubs that play them the unfair advantage of playing a much weaker squad than the rest of the Premier League have already encountered.

With reported debts in the £60-£70m range, Pompey made history last week by becoming the first club in the history of the English top flight to enter administration, but the club administrator is hopeful that the team will play on.

"I know we have the wherewithal to finish the season, though there will have to be cost cutting from top to bottom," said Andronikou.

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