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Yacht was originally defined as light and fast sailing vessel used to transport important people. In the following development, the definition has changed to a ship, other than light, driven by the screen and is used to send a hobby and / or yacht racing. 
The yacht has a length varies boot of 6 meters (20 feet) to 30m (98 khaki) or more. However, most private yachts have a length of approximately 7.14 m - the cost of manufacture and maintenance of yachts up dramatically in the media of the new vessel. 
Puerto Deportivo top of the word are: 
A floating paradise 
Yates has captured the imagination of people around the world and no signal is more luxurious than the main vessel. The term luxury yacht includes all privately owned ships and professional crew created in the early 20 th century when sailing for pleasure became a reality for many people. 
 Grouping of yachts to the list of world's most impressive vessels is not an easy task. Most people use the term as a key factor in determining the largest and most spectacular vessels, but in technical terms, means the gross tonnage that really determine the size of a yacht in relation to the other. This measure refers to the large volume of cruise ships and what they can carry or accommodate. 
 Five of the longest in the world of motor yachts 
But it is more tangible for most people and is a determining factor in the situation of a cruise. In the ranking of privately owned boats in the world to 5 with a long, in fact there are six clear that emerged as a competitor. The world's largest cruise ship was not launched and will compete for first place in the 2008 final. 
 Most of the five in the longest cruise ship in the world built in Europe, with only the Platinum / Golden Star is being built in the UAE. Germany is currently the manufacturer of yachts Lürssen State honored to be behind three luxury yachts in the world is currently the longest. The trend of European dominance in the field are also important in sailing and yacht brokers. Yacht brokerage firms for sale and yachts for the longest and most luxurious in the world, majestic ships of this type makes it more accessible. 
Gold Star 
The world's largest yachts and the most sumptuous, for the moment, Golden Star also known as the star of platinum and is truly a sight to behold. Launched in Dubai in April 2006, 160 meters from the yacht owned by the Sheikh of Dubai. This ship was originally commissioned by Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei in 1996, but when funds ran out two years later, construction was halted indefinitely. Framework to be part of the yacht sitting in dry dock Germany until the project was taken over by Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, crown prince of Dubai. Name of cruise ships and their characteristics have been carried out in secret, even after its release with rumors and detectors undersea missiles will not confirm or deny. Originally called the Gold Star, the Sheikh of Dubai is said to be more sophisticated, while Platinum Stars latest rumor is just a yacht named the world's longest runway in Dubai. 
In 155 meters, sunflower is the world's largest cruise ship and is now one of the youngest of him, like the newly launched in 2007. The design is usually Arabic, although it was built in Germany, suggests it may have been built for the owners of the Middle East and a unique design with a triple and double pole funnel. The owner is still unknown, but rumors abound that he is the successor to Al Said because the same color and characteristics. The Royal Yacht Al Said of Oman is now over 25 years and was built in Italy. 
Prince Abdul Aziz 
current ship largest cruise in the third world was rebuilt in 1984 and currently holds the record as the largest ever built in the 20th century. Prince Abdul Aziz, was built for the King of Saudi Arabia, ruled the seas with the title of largest cruise ship in the world for over 20 years until he was captured by the Platinum / Golden Star The yacht's interior was completely redesigned and reassembled in Greece in 2002 to create a more modern and luxurious. Sixty-five members of the crew reports necessary to keep the Prince Abdul Aziz, survived and is more like a yacht cruise of private property. 
Al Salamah 
The Al Salamah is one of the most mysterious yacht sailing the oceans as very little information about its features ever released, leaving the rumors circulating about the incredible design and a touch of luxury. Lürssen yacht in Germany was only two years to complete construction of the vessel of 139 meters, so that the achievement of a remarkable achievement. Owned by Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, Saudi Minister of Defense and the son of the late King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, Al Salamah has all the features expected of a cruise ship this size, including a private cinema and a jacuzzi, but Rumor has additional features that really makes it different. indoor swimming pool enclosed by a glass roof is unique and its interior was designed by renowned British designer Terence Disdale. 
Rising Sun 
At 138 yards, yacht Rising Sun is the fifth longest in the world and covers five floors with 82 rooms to accommodate your special guest. The cost of the owners of yachts where Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle Corporation, and David Geffen in excess of $ 200 million in construction. Built by Lürssen in Germany by Jon Bannenberg design, Rising Sun has a living space is estimated at more than 8,000 square meters. There are many leisure and entertainment features a basketball court, gym and sauna spa and a cinema giant-screened plasma. Bodega ensures that there is always something special on hand to clean countertops and teak deck and onyx to highlight the luxurious design. 
Eclipse - Coming Soon 
Rumors surrounding the construction of Eclipse is to keep the fraternity on a yacht in the anticipation of panic waiting for the final and most spectacular in the world of Super Yachts. Roman Property Abromovich and built by Blohm and Voss in Germany, the Eclipse has a price estimated at more than $ 300 million. Accommodates 24 people, the yacht is built for luxury and privacy, with the steps of anti-paparazzi and a unique design that separates the owners, guests and crew. Board range features two helipads to the pool, disco and glass circular room with panoramic views and a private submarine.

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