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Kamis, 14 April 2011

Asmat is a tribe in Papua. Asmat tribe known as the result of a unique wood carvings. Asmat population is divided into two, namely those living in coastal areas and those living in the hinterland. Both populations are mutually different from each other in dialect, way of life, social structure and ritual. Coastal populations further divided into two parts, namely Bisman tribe that lies between the river and river Sinesty Nin and spare Shimei.

Asmat is a true artist. Wood sculpture handicrafts they recognized internationally as a high-class works of art. This art blood flow in kehiduan accidentally because of their daily use of equipment associated with the timber. This tribe inhabits Flamingo Bay area and Cook Inlet, on the southwest coastal region of Papua.

Most of this area is still a dense forest area that has not been encroached upon humans. Yet the fate of a true artist can not escape the attention of the international world. In the late sixties, the Asmat carvers receive assistance from the UN for efforts to maintain the sustainability of their sculpture. In the town of Agat you can visit the museum featuring a collection of wooden sculpture and the results of their craft.

The equipment normally used by the sculptor asat Tribe consists of stone axes, animal teeth and shells. While untik smooth fault, they use pig tusks, teeth of certain fish and oysters.
Some of the Asmat tribe inhabiting areas far from the coast, build a house on the tops of trees, about 30 meters above ground level. In fact, some are still living in nomadic.

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